AeroBarrier Installation

Air sealing helps make your Concord or Manchester home more comfortable and energy efficient by sealing leaks and reducing indoor drafts. For new construction projects where homeowners or builders are looking to meet high levels of air tightness, AeroBarrier is a cutting-edge building science solution.

Shakes to Shingles is an AeroBarrier dealer in New Hampshire that can help your home effectively eliminate air leakage completely by sealing even the smallest cracks and openings in your home.

What is AeroBarrier?

AeroBarrier is an innovative method of air sealing a building using patented technology to distribute and apply the sealant. With the help of a blower door and pressurized air inside a building, AeroBarrier can seal ALL air leaks up to ½” in size—and as small as a human hair!—in as little as a few hours.

How Does AeroBarrier Work?

The first step to any AeroBarrier installation project is prepping the space, taping and covering any areas that shouldn’t be sealed.

The AeroBarrier formula is sprayed into a building as a mist. A running blower door pressurizes the air inside the home, drawing the AeroBarrier sealant through small cracks and air leaks, where it sticks and seals the hole.

By monitoring the air leakage levels on a computer during the installation process, Shakes to Shingles can see air leakage levels dropping as more sealant is installed until the desired air tightness is reached. AeroBarrier has sealed houses to as low as 0.19 ACH50, and can meet a wide variety of high performance home requirements, including:

  • IECC
  • Passive House
  • LEED
  • Well Standard
  • Net Zero

Never Fail a Blower Door Test Again!

New construction needs to meet certain air leakage code requirements, and it can be expensive and inconvenient for a builder when multiple blower door tests are required. With AeroBarrier installation, you’ll pass the blower door test the first time—everytime—cutting down on expenses and reducing the number of days you’re needed on site.

Find Out How Much AeroBarrier Costs for Your Home with Shakes to Shingles

An ultra-tight building is more comfortable and energy-efficient, and prevents outdoor air pollutants from getting inside. Shakes to Shingles is one of the only AeroBarrier installers in New Hampshire—and we’ve worked on everything from churches and local town garages to log homes, helping them meet and exceed impressive energy efficiency standards. Reach out today for a free AeroBarrier quote for your home, multi-family building, or commercial building—no matter what kind of structure you have, we can seal it for you!

Prevent air leakage and energy waste in your home with AeroBarrier installation from Shakes to Shingles. Call 603-415-1115 or contact us today to learn more.

A tight home is an efficient home.

Improve your home efficiency today

Will your home be as airtight as you’d like? Get the results you want with AeroBarrier installation.

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