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Ice Dams

Preventing costly ice dams with home energy efficiency upgrades

When warm air in your attic causes the underside of the snow on your roof to melt, water runs down towards the gutters where the temperature is colder and it refreezes to form an ice dam. Once an ice dam has formed, the melting snow will continue to cause a back up under the roofing and accumulates water. That water will find somewhere to go and the result is often interior water leaks - ruining insulation, drywall, ceilings, and damaging gutters. This is a common problem for homes in New Hampshire and can cause major damage to your home over time.

Preventing ice dams not only saves your roof and gutter system, it improves the air quality and health of your home. Mold and mildew are often the aftermath of ice dams and water damage and can go undetected, eventually it can trigger asthma and other health problems. Water damage also can be incredibly costly with  and unexpected repairs.

There are many reasons why you have warm air in your attic:

  • Air leaks around cabling, electrical wiring, light fixtures also need to be sealed.
  • Improper air-sealing or insulation around attic door or hatch
  • Recessed lights generating excess heat in the attic
  • Uninsulated heating ducts
  • Improper vent pipes and attic ventilation

Request a home energy audit to identify the issues with your home’s system causing ice dams. We will make recommendations based on your specific needs to make your home more comfortable and improve the safety and health of your whole home.